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  • 16 Apr 14: First Blender Conference in Costa Rica
    On April 26th you can attend the first Blender conference in Costa Rica: Blender Pura Vida
  • 14 Apr 14: Creating Paintings for the Blind
    Remy Closset uses Blender and a CNC machine to create tactile versions of famous paintings so that blind people can enjoy them too.
  • 14 Apr 14: New Render Farm: Blendergrid
    The new Blendergrid render farm uses Amazon EC2 for rendering. By entering the preferred rendering time, you can influence the job price.
  • 14 Apr 14: Sintel Restored on YouTube
    It looks like the message came through %u2013 as of 9am this morning (CET), Sintel is available on YouTube again. In case you missed it, there was an outcry on the internet this weekend as it was pulled by Sony after alleged copyright infringement.
  • 20 Mar 14: Blender Course for Beginners, Rotterdam, Netherlands
    An introduction to 3D modeling, led by Michiel van der Zanden, at SKVR Beeldfabriek Rotterdam. The intention is to learn the basics in 8 lessons
  • 20 Mar 14: Speeding up Facial Surgery with 3D Printing
    A medical service in Dijon, France, uses 3D printing and Blender to prepare models of patients%u2019 skulls to facilitate and speed up the creation of medical prostheses.
  • 20 Mar 14: Blender 2.70 is Now Available
    After two release candidates, the Blender Foundation has now released Blender 2.70.
  • 10 Mar 14: Project Gooseberry Launches, Seeks 10,000 Supporters to Write Film History
    The Blender Institute has just launched their latest open movie project, Gooseberry, from South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Unlike the previous Blender Institute projects, this will be a feature length movie, requiring the participation of no less than 12 external renowned Blender studios.
  • 1 Mar 14: Vantage Points: 6 Screen Surround Projection Performance
    Vantage Points is a one hour performance of 6 screen fixed media surround projection and 10.1 realtime surround sound. All video and music created and performed by Cole Ingraham and uses almost all open source software (SuperCollider, Blender, Processing).
  • 1 Mar 14: Sheep it! Free Distributed Render Farm for Blender
    Sheep it! Is a free render farm for Blender where Blender users help each other render their scenes. I talked to Pierre Allard, who is one of the driving forces behind this project.
  • 24 Feb 14: V-Ray For Blender Getting Official
    V-Ray for Blender has taken a major step with Andrey Izrantsev, developer of the V-Ray for Blender add-on, has now joined the Chaos Group team.
  • 14 Feb 14: Godot Game Engine Goes Open Source
    Previously an in-house game engine solution, Godot seems a powerful game development environment. It deploys to several platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, BB10 and HTML5. The team has fully open sourced it under an MIT license.
  • 4 Feb 14: Blender Developer Rocket Science Series Showcases Blender Patches
    Plasmasolutions is now publishing a second series of videos. Where the Sneak Peeks focus on features that are slated for release in the next Blender Version, the Rocket Science series includes patches that may never see the light of day but are still interesting to follow.
  • 28 Jan 14: Export from Blender to Unity3D
    Gleb Alexandrov (Spelle) has started a new series of short tutorials, this time focusing on the integration of Blender and Unity3D in your production pipeline.
  • 25 Jan 14: Bangalore ACM SIGGRAPH, announces Blender Workshop
    Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, Bangalore ACM SIGGRAPH, has announced a session on Storytelling using Blender %u2013 Presentation & hand%u2019s on workshop by Satish Goda, a Junior Software Engineer and Senior Educator at Rhythm & Hues Studios.
  • 24 Jan 14: Wrath Issue #1 Available Online
    Wrath Issue #1 is now available online! Wrath is an ongoing 3d horror comic made primarily in Blender.
  • 8 Jan 14: Blender Developer Sneak Peek series
    Plasmasolutions is creating a series of short videos showcasing upcoming new features in Blender.
  • 30 Dec 13: How Blender started, twenty years ago%u2026
    Ton started writing Blender during the holidays of 1993. He found his earliest backups and based on their timestamps, he has announced Blender%u2019s birthday to be January 2nd. Next year, Blender will turn 20!
  • 21 Dec 13: Ubuntu flavours release Trusty Tahr Alpha 1
    First milesone of the TrustTahr development phase was reached yesterday when Ubuntu Trusty Tahr Alpha1 was released.
  • 21 Dec 13: Facebook%u2019s 9 top open-source projects from 2013
    Facebook and open-source software go together like Jay-Z and Beyonc


  • 3DU is very professional team with a great sense of client service. They facilitate excellent creative and technical collaboration with our team in France... what is truly amazing is that we we can work so closely together - at such a distance!
    Virginie Gicquel
    Image In Production,  France
  • It is 3DU’s focus on ingenuity and creativity that sets them apart from other outsourcing companies... I’ve been equally impressed with the team’s excellent communication skills and clear and frequent updates. I would recommend 3DU to anyone that needs help with 3D design, production, or animation.
    Jon Pawelko
    Lampoon The System,  USA
  • I needed 3D animations to present my product immediately. 3DU's communication, their web based project management and files exchange system (PrivDesk ®), and their executives' reactivity is extremely good. On a short deadline, I got my orders in time, and at the level of quality i needed.
    Gilles Vaquin
    Proxipi,  France
  • We have worked with 3D Upside Down on numerous projects. Yan and Alexx, the company’s founders, were great to work with ... The end result exceeded what I initially had planned for the video. 3D Upside Down is a pleasure to work with and I will continue to work with them on future projects
    Ray Webber
    Founding Fathers Entertainment,  USA
  • 3D Upside Down is Amazing! The staff is talented, creative, quick, and a true pleasure to work with. Their prices are unbeatable and they have an uncanny ability to craft the type of budgets and timelines that can make any project a reality. 3D Upside Down is a true partner in every way.
    Eric Hector
    Creative Director
    Heroic Age Studios,  USA